Dr. Dull & Go Dig!

Well the weekend has officially ended with no major complaints nor catastrophes.  We spent a healthy portion of our time playing games (typical for my household).  This weekend we obsessed over two in particular, “Mr. Pencil presents OH NO! DR. DULL and GO DIG!  These are card games presented by Leap Frog.  Both sets came in one box and were on sale at wallyworld for $1 so who could resist.  Between the 7, 5, and 3-year-old these games are asked to be played equally, but hubby prefers Dr. Dull.

Dr. Dull is a reinvented Old Maid but is souped up on the educational side because the players do not simply match numbers but number words (with the specified amount of items on the card to aid in counting) to numerals, color words to shades, and shape words to shapes (so my 3-year-old clearly needs assistance and is typically partnered with myself).

GO DIG! is the reinvention of Go Fish except you are not searching for pairs but sets of threes which consist of a numeral (the head of a dinosaur), the number word (the body of the dinosaur), and a domino tile displaying the specified number of dots (the dinosaurs tail).  Once you have all three parts you display your set which also includes information about the specific dinosaur.

Each game last a few minutes and was well worth the buy.  It makes for easy clean up and storage.
*Since posting this I have attempted to lift the $1 clearance sticker in an effort to see the original sale price which looks like it may have been $4.  I am unsure of the original price but I gladly accepted the rolled back edition.

Here is a picture of our great buy!

Here is a picture of our great buy!

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