So today I tried Bibibop for the first time.  I KNOW I KNOW I’M LATE!!! But that’s because me and Mr. Smith were supposed to experience it together but with our schedules that was hard to make happen and then when the opportunity arrived he reluctantly informed me that he had already went without me *cue revenge music*

Anywho I finally made it my business to see what this growing trend was about.  I step in and check out the menu.  I must have looked like a freshman does their first day of school looking for classes cause the first worker welcomed me and asked was it my first time.  lol.  Taking it in stride I said yes and he introduced my options; bowl, salad, or roll.  White rice or purple rice came next.  Black beans, potatoes, or bean sprouts.  Then he asked me about my protein choice.  All of that was pretty simple.  Suddenly a fast talking, slightly accented girl took my bowl and asked me what toppings I wanted.  Ladies and gentlemen, smh, I could only make out a few of these items and there were no labels.  What’s that I asked, “mumblemumblefancyfancygibberishgibberish” she replied.  Uh ok “I’ll take cheese” lol WHAT?!?!  I was like this it too much but there was no one behind me so I decided to keep digging.  “What’s that?” I dared “Egg”…it looked like pale cheese shredded into thick strings.  I challenged her and pointed to it “That’s eggs?!” “Yes, eggs”.  She wasn’t going to buckle so I decided to go for it because hey I like eggs.  I also recognized kale so I added that.  Then she presented me with the sauce selection.  Everything fell on deaf ears after she mentioned yum yum sauce.  I paid my $6.40 and headed to my car to test out my combination.

I'm sorry I stirred it before I took the picture but you get the idea.

I’m sorry I stirred it before I took the picture but you get the idea.

IT WAS GOOD!  The potatoes were delicious, the alleged egg was a good compliment to the yum yum sauce, and the kale made me feel like I made a healthy choice.  Would my children like it…I doubt it, but as for me, I would definitely go again.  It beats Piada but it does not rank higher than Chipotle when it comes to this style of eatery.

Happy Eats!

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