Premature empty nest syndrome

Yes I have diagnosed myself with premature empty nest syndrome.  Though I have never heard this term before after a quick google I see that it is pretty common.  Even if it wasn’t, it is a sad reality.

So the oldest of our brood is 7 and the youngest is 3.  With that in mind I recognize that I should have AT LEAST 15 years before my nest is empty.  But when the rare occasion arises that ALL of the kids are out of the house (which is less and less likely the more you have) I am a total mess.  At first I am excited and overjoyed with all the possibilities of what I will do with my time.  Clean, sleep, watch a movie, eat what doesn’t have to be cooked, paint my nails, listen to inappropriate music, talk on the phone, play Sims, play other video games, oh the things I could do are endless.  But what I typically do is catch myself picking up here and there, smelling all clothing items in an effort to reconnect to their scent, constantly walking past their rooms and staring longingly into them.  At night I have to remind myself that bedtime rituals are not necessary.  I don’t have to kiss and hug the boys repeatedly.  There’s no tucking in and checking for breathing.  Nope, there’s just me and apparently my life has become boring outside of motherhood, or purposeless, or pointless. or…and then the tears begin to fall.

I also experience bouts of this when I am at work and randomly think of them.  I can’t wait to get to them, to wrap my arms around them, to hear their voices, and ask how their day was.  And then I get them in the backseat and I wish I had packed headphones…by the time we get home I am looking forward to bedtime.

Am I the only one?  Am I obsessed with my children?  What am I going to do when they actually do leave the house 😦 HOW WILL I SURVIVE?!?! Oh wait lol I forgot I’m going to keep having children, adopting children, or become a foster parent so that I NEVER have an empty nest.  Yeah…that’s what I’ll do…


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