Priano Cheese Tortelloni…not for me

So this evening I made the mistake of not planning and prepping dinner in advance (though I have prepped meals in the freezer I failed to thaw one).  Which put me in a pinch.  Frantically opening the fridge and cabinets I stumbled across something I had bought for such a time as this.

Priano Cheese Tortelloni

Priano Cheese Tortelloni

It was easy enough to make.  Just throw it in a pot (though the directions said pan) of boiling salted water for 8 minutes and then serve over salad, some other option, or with your favorite sauce.  So I drained it and threw in some spaghetti sauce.  Though I do not like red sauce *gross* I tasted it just to see what I was serving my family…ehhh it was okay.  So I make everyone’s plate and serve dinner.

My sever year old, was the first to the table as usual.  One bite and he said he didn’t like it.  I’m like “Why?!?!  You like spaghetti, ravioli, and macaroni and cheese.  How is this any different?”  He said, and I quote, “When I first bite it, it tastes good, like ravioli…but then when I keep chewing it taste nasty, like I’m eating my throw up.”

That ladies and gentlemen means I wasted my money lol but thankfully not too much of my time.  We settled on leftovers, PB&J sandwiches, and cereal for the evening.

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