So the cat’s out the bag, I like to try new things, and that includes food.  This past week I tried a restaurant named Chuy’s.  I have not heard anything about this restaurant but a friend suggested it and said it had nice reviews so I signed up.

Chuy's Mex-Tex

Chuy’s had visual appeal. Casual but Classy.

The service was perfect…Kudos to Ms. Jodi for her excellence in accommodating us.  She helped us narrow down the menu, gave great recommendations, and provided substitutes when we made poor judgement calls.

I ordered shrimp tacos, I Love shrimp, it is almost always the first thing I look for on a menu.  They were…good…not the best taco I ever had and not very filling…but good.

Chuy's Review

Baja Tacos with shrimp, mexican rice, and refried beans.

As for the sides…I don’t like spicy food and something was spicy.  I’m not sure if it was the rice, the beans, or both, but something had me chasing water like a fish.    In short I would never recommend this restaurant but I would go again if it was to the other person’s liking.

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