The falling of the cape

I stumbled across a writing prompt today.  It reminded me of a writing course I took in college.  The professor asked us when we realized that our parent was not indestructible.  I remembered so vividly the day I realized my mom was not “invincible” per se.

I had to be in about the 3rd or 4th grade, and every morning my mom dropped me off at my cousin’s house and we all rode to school together.  Whenever the weather was less than beautiful my mom would go to the door and knock and motion for me to come, only once it was open so I wouldn’t have to stand out in the elements for an unnecessary amount of time…that’s Love.

This particular day it was snowy and icy and I sat in the car looking out the window as my mom ran up to the door as usual; only this day, she slipped on the stairs and fell.  My heart broke.  There was my mom, in her white scrubs, so gracefully and energetically bouncing up the steps to clear the path for me, and she fell.  It wasn’t a bad fall.  She caught herself on her hands, stood up and brushed any excess snow off her hands and clothes, and knocked on the door.  She motioned for me once my aunt opened the door, hugged and kissed me, and I went in…and bawled my eyes out…in secret of course.  I couldn’t dare let anyone know that my mom had fallen! Lol.  Why mothers are perfect!  These things just don’t happen to them.

Can you think of the moment you realized that your parents were human?

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