New Orleans Part 1


New Orleans, home of the saints.  Sanchez speaking, I’m in New Orleans with my family, I have discovered new family members. One’s name is uncle K ,the other is K Junior, we are about to meet uncle C, we also met papa. We have road the ferry, we saw a cemetery too. We came here because we need a vacation, and we’re only staying for the rest of the week so we’re trying to have as much fun as we can. We want to try alligator tail and my mom wants to go to the Bayou.


We met new family members, Mrs.A, C Junior, and Kait, we also saw uncle T. We discovered there is a drawbridge. We are staying in our papa’s guestroom because we need some place to stay.  I sleep with Mr. Bungalow and Chickadee in the guestroom and mommy and daddy sleep in the study room. My brother, Mr. Bungalow, likes to mess with ant hills, I don’t know why, for some reason I think he just wants to mess with them.  If he gets bit he will be sorry, he’s only five years old and he’s my little brother.  My little sister chickadee likes to mess with them too, that gets me even more freaked out!  What if she gets bit?  But if I expect the best, the best will come, but right now I’m worried about my brother, he’s outside messing with it and I don’t want him to get bit but if I go out there I might get bit too, but my brother’s brave, I’ll be brave too and go out there an save him cause I’m not a wimpy kid.  I’m a tough strong brave kid who will stand up for his brother. 


Right now my mom is getting a makeover at the mall, dad’s watching. I don’t feel comfortable right now because I am sitting on something that is not feeling comfortable to my body and I want to get off it, but my mom wants me to sit on it so I’m going to sit on it until I can get up.  My sister is watching videos right now or playing a game, I’m not sure, but they’re doing somethin on the phone. 


Today is Thanksgiving!  I’m not sure what we’re doing yet but I know we’re doing something.


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