I’ll cry if I can’t have meat!

I’ll cry if I can’t have meat

“I’ll cry if I can’t have meat!”  This is the current phrase on repeat from my four-year-old daughter LadyBug.  I never considered her a picky eater until the vegan transition took place.  Now days her dinner usually consist of cereal, it’s as if meat is not an option then she wants nothing to do with the rest of the meal.

Mr. Bungalow, the six-year-old, stated the first week that when he turns 18 he will no longer be a vegan.  That gives me 12 more years to make a believer out of him.

Then there’s Sanchez who will pretty much eat anything and is my biggest fan when it comes to my cooking.

I won’t even mention Mr. Smith who is a carnivore to the core.

Back to the cereal, that was going fine for a while.  I serve dinner, she must try everything at least once, then after I feel the standoff has taken place long enough she can have cereal with soy milk.  Then came the protest against the soy milk “It’s disgusting!”

I’ve tried plain soy milk, vanilla soy milk, sweetened soy milk, and chocolate soy milk.  Chocolate is the only one she will drink so now I’ve started buying almond milk which has been accepted, only I’m allergic to almonds.  On top of that the girl takes every opportunity at school to eat non-vegan foods, even though I pack her lunch and have informed her teachers of our lifestyle change.  She shares lunch with peers and takes advantage of snack time which is provided by the school.

But I am not one to give up easily so in an effort to do what is best for my family I will continue to overcome these obstacles.  Until next time, stay classy San Diego.

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