True Story #386

One day I took my littles to a birthday party at a gymnastics center. All of the parents were sitting in the waiting area on bleachers watching their kids and chatting when in walks a parent and child I don’t recognize. She greets the hostess and proceeds to take her child’s jacket and shoes off. As she does this she begins to encourage him to “stay in the moment” and “let go and enjoy yourself”. My ears instantly perk up. Is this his social worker?  I’ve never heard a parent prep their child that way for a birthday party. It’s usually the opposite “please don’t embarrass me”, “be nice”, etc. So she sends him in and I watch and wait. I listen for clues and discover he is indeed her child. Other than that pep talk, all seems normal, until we start putting on coats to leave. “STAND DOWN!” “DISENGAGE!!” The mom takes off running towards him, the crowd, and my children. Now I’m running too! What is it?!  Is he attacking someone?!?  But when I get there I see nothing…I followed up and asked if that mom had any military background but the hostess didn’t know. #TrueStory


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