3 Tips for Raising Readers

Whether you are a bookworm or not no one can deny the importance of being able to read.  With that being said, let’s focus on how we can raise our children to Love reading whether we do or not.

  1.   First and foremost, READ TO THEM!  Studies have shown that we know about half the words we will EVER know by the time we are five. That means that if at age five you have a vocabulary of 10,000 words than as an adult you will have a vocabulary of about 20,000 words. Now if your vocabulary at age five consist of about 100,000 words than it will basically double by adulthood!  Expose your children!  Read cereal boxes, instructions, books, text (assuming they’re appropriate lol), and whatever else you come across, out loud!
  2. Let them see you reading. In the childcare field there is a saying that with children more is caught than is taught. We know this is true. Which is why when you hear a child say a certain phrase or behave a certain way you know for certain who they picked it up from and you don’t question of they were actually instructed to do it cause we know simply being exposed is enough.
  3. DO NOT USE READING AS A PUNISHMENT!!!  I cannot stress this enough. It seems like common sense but too often as a negative consequence electronics are taken away and the follow up is “go read a book”.
How to raise readers

3 tips for raising readers

Now let’s get out there and raise some scholars!

One thought on “3 Tips for Raising Readers

  1. I love reading. Oops, I meant to say I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE reading. That’s better. My oldest, Doll, is just over 2 years old and most nights at bedtime, I look forward to the days when I can read her a book I want to read. Like Harry Potter or any of my other numerous favourites. I can’t wait to share the wide world of reading with my children 🙂

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