Yep I can admit it.  I’m obsessed with my kids and I don’t care who knows it.  I randomly think about them throughout the day and can’t wait to pick them up from school.  I want to touch them, poke them, squeeze them, pinch them, smell them, hug them, kiss them, and carry them.  They are 8, 7, and 4 right now and at any given time I will put one of them on my lap, although the boys, 8 & 7, make it so awkward by keeping their limbs all stiff when I try to hold them.  

Don’t get me wrong…they drive me crazy and I have been known to hide in the bathroom and even my closet, but those kids are so delicious how can I resist?!?!   Since my daughter is the youngest and smallest she probably gets it the worst (I still sniff her to make sure she smells like my baby).  But that 7 year old has the softest skin that I just can’t resist. And the oldest is affectionate anyway so that’s a win win. 

Are you obsessed with yours?  Answer these questions and let’s see where you fall. 

1. Do you have that “can’t wait” feeling when it’s close to the time you pick them up (even if you regret it on the car ride home)?

2.  Do you catch yourself staring at them and smiling?

3.  Do you take pictures of them when they are sleeping? 

4.  Do you poke, pinch, and or squeeze their little tushies?

5.  Do you talk/post about them ALL the time?

6.  Do you fear for the safety of others when you think your child is being mistreated?  

7.  Do you still pick their noses and/or ears (eye crust counts)?

If you answered yes to four or more of these questions you are obsessed!  Welcome to the club!  T-Shirts coming soon lol!!!

Your’s in motherhood,

Mrs. Smith

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