A pad/tampon free period!

If you are over pads/tampons, have tried cups, have ever leaked through your pad/tampon, have ever had to change clothes because of your period, have had your period seemingly defy the laws of gravity and maneuver it’s way around barriers, or if you simply want to try something new, KEEP READING!  In this post I hope to answer ALL the questions you might ask and any I miss feel free to ask in the comment section.  

Okay so if you haven’t heard by now there is something called THINX, a period proof-panty.  I’ve been watching the reviews on Thinx for about a year before I felt I was ready to give them a try. For as long as I have been responsible for buying my own feminine hygiene products I have used Always brand products. Then one day the pads started irritating me. As if bleeding wasn’t enough I now had this itch that had to be scratched so I started trying to find other pads to wear which made me nervous about the Always brand tampons, so I was really motivated to find something else and let me tell you…I’m sold!!!


First off let me enlighten you about when Mary comes to visit me every month. My worst period comes with horrible cramps 24-48 hours before the murder scene arrives. 

The first 48 hours are the heaviest, requiring a tampon and two winged overnight pads that I strategically overlap so that I am covered in the front, middle, and back. The middle day is regular. The next day or two I spot, not a horrible amount but enough that it requires more than a panty liner.  During the months that I am a good vegan I don’t have cramps, my period is managed with one long pad changed regularly and ends promptly on day three. With that being said I went with the high-waist Thinx which is for the heaviest flow. 

I was hoping to wear them around the house before testing them in public but how often does Mother Nature cooperate?  So when my period arrived I took them out the package and slid them on. They looked and felt no different than regular panties. Even the crotch felt normal, I imagined it would feel like it had a built in pad but nope. I slide them on and in walks my husband. I see him watching. Then he walks over and kisses me and rubs my butt like “new panties?” ?!?! That’s right ladies!!! I didn’t tense up at the thought of him touching my usual diaper pad.   

Sexy period panties!


The next couple hours I went about my daily activities in the public and felt completely dry!  Then came the first bathroom trip. Nothing. I mean the crotch looked wet but they were black so no blood was visible, there were no clots, and there was no smell. Now when I pulled them back up they felt cool, sort of like when you flip a pillow over in the middle of the night but by the time I was washing my hands that was gone. 

Fast forward a couple of hours and everything still feels the same as I head to the restroom. To my surprise things still look the same. Wetter, but no smell and no clots. Now I’m curious so I do the commercial test and press a piece of toilet paper into the crotch of the panties…DRY!!! 

So I decide to sleep in them. No sweats or pajama pants just these panties. Guess what y’all …THE SHEETS WERE CLEAN! Not a spot on them. Now when I went to the bathroom it smelled like I wore a pad overnight but they still felt dry against my skin. 


The instructions say to hand wash first and then put them in the washer. Confession: I have not washed period panties since high school. If I ruin a pair I trash them and replace them. If they aren’t terribly stained I throw them in the washer and reassure myself that I’ll just bleed on them again next month so who cares. So I was not excited about this. Nevertheless I turned The cold water on full blast and help the crotch underneath the running water. To my surprise the water ran clear.  And then I squeezed them. 

Just kidding!  There was no blood bath, but definitely a tint to what came out but nothing too terrible. I mean I held the top of the panty with one hand and squeezed the crotch under running water about ten times until the water ran clear and then I tossed it in the washer before I left for work.  


I absolutely Love these and I will be buying plenty more (perhaps one size smaller). I have no intentions of ever wearing pads or tampons again. If you are interested in trying these here is a $10 off coupon.  Thank you to all the brave women who tried these and shared their experience. Feel free to share this with other women and send them the coupon link. Any questions?  Ask in the comment section. Cheers to easier periods!

Mrs Smith

2 thoughts on “A pad/tampon free period!

  1. OMG I’ve been thinking of purchasing these but was a but hesitant because I have a heavy flow…… after this review I think I’ll be getting them soon. Also, thanks for the coupon… how long is it valid for?

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