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Hello everyone! It’s been a while but let’s jump into this Shipt review. If you follow me on social media you have seen my pics and coupons for Shipt, which is a subscription grocery delivery service. Shipt partners with different stores depending on where you are at. Some cities partner with Meijer, some with Kroger, Costco, Publix, etc. Your membership however travels with you. So if you subscribe in Ohio and rent a vacation house in Florida, guess what? You can still have groceries delivered. Any order over $35 gets delivered for free. The company boast that you can place an order and have it delivered within the next hour.  Here’s how it works.

Shipt, LLC.

Thinking about using Shipt? Read on…
As a customer, you download the Shipt app, sign up, and begin to shop. Once you are signed in the app will tell you what time the next available delivery window is. From there you have four options:
1. My Lists- here you can set up different shopping list to help you speed through the shopping process in the future.
2. Browse Categories- self-explanatory
3. Buy Again- basically a repeat button which pulls past orders and let’s you order from there; add and deleting as you choose
4. On Sale Today- This is my personal favorite because hey, who doesn’t like a sale?!

Okay you complete your order put in any special request or directions like park in the rear, or 1/2 pound of thinly sliced black forest ham. The app will also ask you your substitution preference (do not substitute, contact me, use best judgment) for your shopper to use in case the store is out of a particular item.

Once your has been placed you will typically get a text from your shopper telling you their name, that they have begun shopping, and finally that they are on their way, and any in between regarding substitutions if you selected that as your preference.

Lastly your groceries arrive and you receive a text thanking you for using Shipt reminding you that you can rate your shopper and tip them through the app if you’s like (you can also tip them cash upon delivery).

Thinking about working for Shipt? Read on…
Okay so the application process is pretty straight forward. You head to the website to apply, with a copy of your insurance card, you download the shopper version of the app, you do a phone interview (which consist of a question popping up and you recording a response), they do a background check, there’s some training videos and questions, and then BOOM if they like ya your in. They send you a starter kit which contains your Shipt shirt and Shipt credit card. Takes about 2 weeks.

So within the shopper app you can put yourself on the schedule (in 1 hour increments up to a week in advance) and select the areas you desire to work in. Doing this will cause the app to notify you of orders giving you priority over other shoppers if you respond fast enough. Otherwise you can go into the app and look at the available orders and pick from those. Sometimes there are orders that are nearing their delivery time and have not been picked up yet, for those orders Shipt will offer a bonus as an incentive for those who accept the order. The app lets you know the suggested time to begin shopping, how long it will take you to shop, and the estimated delivery time.

Once you arrive at the store the order is broken down into categories (beverages, breads, pantry, household items, etc). It even let’s you know what aisle to find each item in. When in doubt you can scan the bar code on the item and the app will tell you if you have the right item or not.

When your done you head to check out lane, remind them it’s tax exempt, swipe the card, sign, take a pick of the receipt in the app, type the total, and head to the customers house. The app walks you through all of your steps with reminder prompts and the directions to the house pop up to help you navigate. Once you have delivered the groceries you select the button that says order delivered and your done!

On  average I make about $17 an order.  This could vary depending on what area you deliver to.

I have had a pleasant experience as a Shipt shopper and as a Shipt customer and would recommend them on both ends. Please comment any questions below and I will be sure to get back to you.

If your interested in trying Shipt I’ve included a link to get $10 off your first order AND two weeks free.   Simplify your life with on-demand grocery delivery. Get $10 in free groceries when you join with my link.
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