All the worlds a stage

Life is a stage.  In the early parts of our lives we have many directors.  They come in the form of parents, teachers, and coaches to name a few.  They’re on the set telling you your part.  They tell you what to do and what not to do, what your character’s morals are, the rights and wrongs of playing your part.  Throughout the day there may be several settings; home, school, and your place of worship are the most popular.  But as we get older there is a change in production and for some of us we find the lead role to be a lot of pressure.

All of a sudden you have less people  directing and a larger audience, which tends to be full of critics.  There are a different set of people behind the scene that can help you “look the part” in the form of hair stylist, personal shoppers, and makeup artist, but, there are not as many people giving you cues and reminding you of your lines.  Instead there is the audience with their constant feedback.   

In a sense you become your own agent, pitching yourself to potential employers and anyone else that has the say so on other parts that you would like to have.

Sometimes the other cast members outshine you, and you find yourself in their shadow, or even replaced.  Maybe your costar drops the ball, forgets their lines, then everyone is looking at you to save the show and not let the audience down.

Now some of us are trying to rewrite our roles, we are tired of being type cast.  But everyone knows how hard it is for an actor to be taken seriously in the music industry and vise versa.  But it can be done.

Anywho these were just my shower thoughts.  Break a leg everyone.

Mrs. Smith
photo credit: nobara telón via photopin (license)

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