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I recently came across a company called A Wish For You.  They specialize in sweet mementos and hand made cards striving to “make it easy to remember more people, more often, for less money in less time.”  I don’t think it gets much nicer than that.

So I browsed through the mementos with no particular person in mind until I saw it.  You know how sometimes you see things that bring to mind certain people?  Well that’s how this was, as soon as I saw the Herbal First Aid Kit I thought of a lady from my church who is always suggesting natural remedies and visiting sick members with baskets full of things to aid them with healing their ailments or relieving their symptoms.

Herbal First Aid Kit

Contains six different healing delights.


So with my gift and my recipient I had completed step 1.  The next thing was to choose a card.  Now these cards are the cutest noncommercial cards you’ve ever seen.  It’s like someone hand sewed artwork onto them!  And did I mention there is no extra charge for the card?  AND SHIPPING IS FREE?!?!?  Well..I’m mentioning it now.  The last step is to create your personal message which has to be a little bit shorter than a tweet (115 characters).  Voila!

I completed my order on a Tuesday night and Friday I got a text saying “Thank you for my gift!”  It felt so good to do something for someone who ALWAYS does for everyone else.  It was my way of saying that the work you do doesn’t go unnoticed.  And you know what? I feel good knowing that she may share my gift to her with others in their time of need.  Almost a ripple effect.

So for all the people who are into paying if forward or when you just want to surprise someone with a little something I encourage you to check out A Wish For You.  From candles to paperweights there is a little something for everyone.



Mrs. Smith

2 thoughts on “A Wish For You

  1. This blog post is so sweet! I’m kind of obsessed with the word love because I wanted to get a small tattoo on my wrist that says that, so I was naturally drawn to the bottom picture where it says love 😛 I’m sure the lady from the church really was happy and appreciated this 🙂

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