Endless Reader

Say hello to my little friend ūüôā This little guy…or gal…is about to change you and your¬†little one’s¬†LIFE!!! ¬†Okay so this app is called Endless Reader and it is free in the iTunes store. ¬†I downloaded this app by luck and in no time my 2-year-old was recognizing letters and letter sounds, and then whole […]

Dr. Dull & Go Dig!

Well the weekend has officially ended with no major complaints nor catastrophes. ¬†We spent a healthy portion of our time playing games (typical for my household). ¬†This weekend we obsessed over two in particular, “Mr. Pencil presents OH NO! DR. DULL and GO DIG! ¬†These are card games presented by Leap Frog. ¬†Both sets came […]