A pad/tampon free period!

If you are over pads/tampons, have tried cups, have ever leaked through your pad/tampon, have ever had to change clothes because of your period, have had your period seemingly defy the laws of gravity and maneuver it’s way around barriers, or if you simply want to try something new, KEEP READING!  In this post I hope to answer ALL the questions you might ask and any I miss feel free to ask in the comment section.  

Okay so if you haven’t heard by now there is something called THINX, a period proof-panty.  I’ve been watching the reviews on Thinx for about a year before I felt I was ready to give them a try. For as long as I have been responsible for buying my own feminine hygiene products I have used Always brand products. Then one day the pads started irritating me. As if bleeding wasn’t enough I now had this itch that had to be scratched so I started trying to find other pads to wear which made me nervous about the Always brand tampons, so I was really motivated to find something else and let me tell you…I’m sold!!!


First off let me enlighten you about when Mary comes to visit me every month. My worst period comes with horrible cramps 24-48 hours before the murder scene arrives. 

The first 48 hours are the heaviest, requiring a tampon and two winged overnight pads that I strategically overlap so that I am covered in the front, middle, and back. The middle day is regular. The next day or two I spot, not a horrible amount but enough that it requires more than a panty liner.  During the months that I am a good vegan I don’t have cramps, my period is managed with one long pad changed regularly and ends promptly on day three. With that being said I went with the high-waist Thinx which is for the heaviest flow. 

I was hoping to wear them around the house before testing them in public but how often does Mother Nature cooperate?  So when my period arrived I took them out the package and slid them on. They looked and felt no different than regular panties. Even the crotch felt normal, I imagined it would feel like it had a built in pad but nope. I slide them on and in walks my husband. I see him watching. Then he walks over and kisses me and rubs my butt like “new panties?” ?!?! That’s right ladies!!! I didn’t tense up at the thought of him touching my usual diaper pad.   

Sexy period panties!


The next couple hours I went about my daily activities in the public and felt completely dry!  Then came the first bathroom trip. Nothing. I mean the crotch looked wet but they were black so no blood was visible, there were no clots, and there was no smell. Now when I pulled them back up they felt cool, sort of like when you flip a pillow over in the middle of the night but by the time I was washing my hands that was gone. 

Fast forward a couple of hours and everything still feels the same as I head to the restroom. To my surprise things still look the same. Wetter, but no smell and no clots. Now I’m curious so I do the commercial test and press a piece of toilet paper into the crotch of the panties…DRY!!! 

So I decide to sleep in them. No sweats or pajama pants just these panties. Guess what y’all …THE SHEETS WERE CLEAN! Not a spot on them. Now when I went to the bathroom it smelled like I wore a pad overnight but they still felt dry against my skin. 


The instructions say to hand wash first and then put them in the washer. Confession: I have not washed period panties since high school. If I ruin a pair I trash them and replace them. If they aren’t terribly stained I throw them in the washer and reassure myself that I’ll just bleed on them again next month so who cares. So I was not excited about this. Nevertheless I turned The cold water on full blast and help the crotch underneath the running water. To my surprise the water ran clear.  And then I squeezed them. 

Just kidding!  There was no blood bath, but definitely a tint to what came out but nothing too terrible. I mean I held the top of the panty with one hand and squeezed the crotch under running water about ten times until the water ran clear and then I tossed it in the washer before I left for work.  


I absolutely Love these and I will be buying plenty more (perhaps one size smaller). I have no intentions of ever wearing pads or tampons again. If you are interested in trying these here is a $10 off coupon.  Thank you to all the brave women who tried these and shared their experience. Feel free to share this with other women and send them the coupon link. Any questions?  Ask in the comment section. Cheers to easier periods!

Mrs Smith



Yep I can admit it.  I’m obsessed with my kids and I don’t care who knows it.  I randomly think about them throughout the day and can’t wait to pick them up from school.  I want to touch them, poke them, squeeze them, pinch them, smell them, hug them, kiss them, and carry them.  They are 8, 7, and 4 right now and at any given time I will put one of them on my lap, although the boys, 8 & 7, make it so awkward by keeping their limbs all stiff when I try to hold them.  

Don’t get me wrong…they drive me crazy and I have been known to hide in the bathroom and even my closet, but those kids are so delicious how can I resist?!?!   Since my daughter is the youngest and smallest she probably gets it the worst (I still sniff her to make sure she smells like my baby).  But that 7 year old has the softest skin that I just can’t resist. And the oldest is affectionate anyway so that’s a win win. 

Are you obsessed with yours?  Answer these questions and let’s see where you fall. 

1. Do you have that “can’t wait” feeling when it’s close to the time you pick them up (even if you regret it on the car ride home)?

2.  Do you catch yourself staring at them and smiling?

3.  Do you take pictures of them when they are sleeping? 

4.  Do you poke, pinch, and or squeeze their little tushies?

5.  Do you talk/post about them ALL the time?

6.  Do you fear for the safety of others when you think your child is being mistreated?  

7.  Do you still pick their noses and/or ears (eye crust counts)?

If you answered yes to four or more of these questions you are obsessed!  Welcome to the club!  T-Shirts coming soon lol!!!

Your’s in motherhood,

Mrs. Smith

3 Tips for Raising Readers

Whether you are a bookworm or not no one can deny the importance of being able to read.  With that being said, let’s focus on how we can raise our children to Love reading whether we do or not.

  1.   First and foremost, READ TO THEM!  Studies have shown that we know about half the words we will EVER know by the time we are five. That means that if at age five you have a vocabulary of 10,000 words than as an adult you will have a vocabulary of about 20,000 words. Now if your vocabulary at age five consist of about 100,000 words than it will basically double by adulthood!  Expose your children!  Read cereal boxes, instructions, books, text (assuming they’re appropriate lol), and whatever else you come across, out loud!
  2. Let them see you reading. In the childcare field there is a saying that with children more is caught than is taught. We know this is true. Which is why when you hear a child say a certain phrase or behave a certain way you know for certain who they picked it up from and you don’t question of they were actually instructed to do it cause we know simply being exposed is enough.
  3. DO NOT USE READING AS A PUNISHMENT!!!  I cannot stress this enough. It seems like common sense but too often as a negative consequence electronics are taken away and the follow up is “go read a book”.
How to raise readers

3 tips for raising readers

Now let’s get out there and raise some scholars!

Real Life Parenting #609

IDK who writes the books on parenting but it’s full of lies!  Okay maybe not lies but definitely half truths; and there seems to be several chapters missing. So let me help them and you.


This is a natural occurrence once your children are of talking age. Why?  Because they are going to embarrass the crap out of you. Even if it’s only you and them present, their tiny elf like superiority will reign over you as you stumble for a comeback/answer.

Example:  Last night I was playing just dance with my littles. Having a GREAT time, it’s one of my favorite games. When the four year old turns around MIDSONG and so thoughtfully asks me “Why is your mouth open?” …WHAT?! I gasp as I am trying not to quit dancing because I intend to win. “Why are you dancing with your mouth open?” Now all the children have turned to look at me. And the asker of the question stands there with her little hands clasped together in front of her like some little leader of the minions. I mean maybe I was breathing hard. I mean I should have been as I was applying a great deal of effort to the activity. Who was she to question my dancing face?!?! So you know what I told her?… “I DON’T KNOW!!!!  JUST DANCE!!!”

Or how bout the time I took my son to the doctor and I bend down to tie his shoe and he says “Mommy show the doctor how you take your ponytail off!” As he so Lovingly rubs my hair.

Or when my daughter told me how much she likes my costume. “Oh thats just my bra and panties” I inform her as I am getting dressed and she says “No.  Those.” And points to my stretch marks…even doing a clawing motion in an attempt to point to each one simultaneously.

How bout instructing them to clean up only to have them assume that this means we are having company.

One day I was hanging out at my bestie’s house with our kiddos, her mom, and her grandma. So her grandma notices that no one is eating their pizza crust so she starts to collect them all. My daughter, of course, asks “Why is she taking everyone’s food?”  I tell her that she is cleaning up the food that no one wants. Do you know what my daughter said next?  I bet you can’t guess.  She looked at my best friend’s grandma and said “I don’t like you” I nearly hit the floor! Of course I scolded her and told her it was rude and wasn’t nice but the grandma was like “what did she say?” I told her nothing but my daughter simply looked at her and repeated it. “I don’t like you”. Just like that. Straight face, dry tone, and frank. Well of course the grandma is taken back. She even tells her that they don’t even know each other so how can she not like her. After my daughter asked her her name I took her out the room. I couldn’t handle it.

I’ve been in the game almost 9 years!!! I’m still patching up wounds on skin that hasn’t thickened yet smh

My husband is trying to kill me

Seriously. Or wish the worst on me. However you spin it it’s not a good look.

A couple of weeks ago I had a stiff neck, only on the left side but it lasted for over a week!  On about the sixth or seventh day I am in my daughters closet trying to find her something to wear and my husband walks by and somehow it comes up that my neck is still bothering me. Do you know what he said to me…”Are you sure you’re not having a stroke?”  I can’t make this stuff up.  I won’t tell you my response just know that he will call 911 before he asks me that again.

Just last week, after a long day out, we come home and took our shoes off, I mention that my ankles are swollen and he comes back with “Do you have gout?”  How can I grow old gracefully when I have some trying to rush me off the scene?!?! If I say I have a headache he asks me if it’s because I’m getting older. If I stay in the bathroom a long time he tells me I should drink prune juice. If I say my stomach hurts I have gas and I just need to let it out.

I’ve heard of hypochondriacs but what do you call a person that projects that onto someone else? (Cause I’m too lazy to look it up.). Anyone else’s spouse do this?

Bathroom Remodel

Ok so last summer I gathered all my supplies and prepared to remodel my upstairs bathroom.  Then something happened and I chickened out about tiling my own floor and wall so I reached out to someone with experience and it’s a good thing I did because watching him work I realized that I had no idea what I was  doing.  YouTube made me believe I could do it…I’m not sure that I could have.

My bathroom is relatively small but one look at the pictures and you will see that there was still a lot of work to be done.

Everything had to go, the tile on the wall, the linoleum, that yucky plastic shower kit around the tub, ALL OF IT!


The sink cost me about $70, the floor tile about $30, the back splash about $20, the paint about $15 (color is Alaskan Skies by Benjamin Moore), and the painting is by me.  Not too bad overall.  Still some a few more touches I want to add (ditch the blinds and possibly add stencil to the window, new light fixtures, cover those marks on the outside of the tub) but hey, this is home.  I’m excited to do the other bathroom.

Bathroom makeover

Vegan Fails

The struggle is real.  That’s the best way to start this entry.  I am struggling on every level.  2 out of 3 of my children won’t eat it.  My husband cooks meat.  Produce rots in my refrigerator.  I eat french fries daily.  I pack the same thing over and over for my children.  When going out to eat with coworkers…well it can be difficult.  And I can’t tell you how many failed recipes I’ve managed to well…FAIL!


I’ve tried three different versions of macaroni and cheese none of which I would dare serve to any guest; if I had a picture I would post it.  I’ve failed at spring rolls; won’t even go into details about that but I will include a picture.


YOU SEE!!!!!  What is happening to me?!?!?!  I used to consider myself a good cook, and now…I wouldn’t dare serve this food to anyone outside of my immediate family.

Now I have tried a jackfruit recipe that might have been okay but I wouldn’t know because I don’t like barbecue sauce, or any type of red sauce for that matter.


Pulled jackfruit barbecue

Now let me say this, I have experienced some positive things on this journey.  My period is lighter and shorter, and I don’t have cramps anymore; my headaches have subsided; and I don’t hit that 2 o’clock slump.  And according to other people I have lost weight!  So I will try to stay focused on the positive, in the meantime if anyone out there can recommend a vegan macaroni and cheese recipe leave it in the comment section below!